How to Register on IRCTC Indian Railway Site as a Foreigner.

January 22, 2019

You want to see the IRCTC website to book your trains around India but first it’s asking you to register on IRCTC and as a foreigner it all seems a bit confusing, is that right? Well if so you’re on the right page. This is a step by step easy guide on how to register on the IRCTC as a foreigner to India so that you can book a train in India.

If you have already registered head straight over to Step by Step Guide to Checking Trains and Booking Trains in India!

Step One – Complete Registration on IRCTC.

Visit the IRCTC website and click ‘Register’ at the top. Complete the details in the first section which are standard questions and easy to answer.

how to register on irctc

how to register on irctc


When you get to ‘Country’ at the bottom of the form and you complete anything that isn’t ‘India’ it will bring up a blue info box basically saying that unless you have an Indian Mobile Number (with dialling code 91) you will have to pay a registration fee after successful registration of just over 100 Indian Rupee’s, which is an extremely little amount.

Note – I assume this is because you need to be sent a registration code to verify your account, they can send it to an Indian number for free but if you are completing this and not yet in India and therefore do not have an Indian Sim (which we recommend getting, see here how to get an Indian Sim Card) they will have to send the code to an International number which will cost them money.

how to register on irctc

Complete the remaining details. Although it asks for your address in a weird way including Post Office Address, complete with your own home address making sure all mandatory boxes are completed. Complete the Captcha, tick agree to the T’s & C’s and click ‘Register’.

You’ll get a pop up confirming your mobile number and email address so make sure this is correct.

You’ll then get a list of green boxes confirming everything plus an email sent to your address.

Note – This email may take some time to send, especially if you are somewhere on a different timezone as India but you do not need this email to continue the registration process so it’s ok.

how to register on irctc

Step Two – Log on for the First Time.

You can now click to log into your account. Enter your username and password, complete the Captcha and hit login.

You’ll see a big blue sign again telling you that you need to pay a registration fee. (If you happened to use an Indian Number in the set up process because you are in India already, you will not see this and instead be sent a verification code and can skip this step.)

Step Three – Pay the Registration Fee on IRCTC.

Click on the second option in Payment Options on the left – Multiple Payment Service and International Cards.

Click Make Payment which will take you through to a section to complete with your bank details and billing address, complete these details and click ‘Pay Now’. This is the same way you will pay for your trains when you are booking them.

Note – If you are using a bank card like Monzo it will alert you in the app and ask you to confirm the payment. This may happen with other prepaid travel cards too. If you’re using a bank debit or credit card you may be asked for authorisation from them too depending on how this is set up. If you have any issues paying take a look into this.

how to register on irctc

Step Four – Verify OTP.

Now you’ll see ‘Mobile and Email Verification Process’. You need to verify both by IRCTC sending a code – OTP as they call it, to your email and mobile number entered.

Click ‘Verify Mobile with OTP’ and ‘Verify Email with OTP’ to ensure that the OTP does get sent.

This is when it can get a bit annoying as by now you probably won’t have had your registration email through, and there will be a delay on the email and probably text message with both OTP codes on, especially if you are not in the same timezone as India. To save getting lots of codes do not keep clicking to re-send the code, give it some time first.

You’ll more than likely need to put the registration aside for a few hours, maybe even until tomorrow until both the email code and mobile code comes through, so have a look at some of our other handy travel advice posts, bookmark this page and come back to it when it does as the below tells you exactly how to book a train in India as a foreigner!

how to register on irctc

When your email OTP and Mobile OTP come through, log back onto the IRCTC website and enter them in.  After you log in the first page you’ll see is the verification page.

It will tell you your account is verified and you need to log back in via the homepage again via the ‘login’ button at the top.

And now you’re ready to book a train in India!

For our Step by Step Guide to Checking Trains and Booking Trains in India. CLICK HERE!


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