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How India By Backpack Started.

India By Backpack was created by Ellie, a travel addict from England who also runs her own travel blog –

After spending 4 months in India at the end of 2018 and start of 2019 Ellie felt like there was a website missing for backpackers and travellers to India.

Sure, there are lots of websites out there with the ‘top things to do in X city’ following a quick google search which are always needed but they didn’t give enough information. Not enough practical information, honest information and real information.

Ellie started to provide the information she was looking for on her blog but with her desire to see more and more of India, even after her initial 4 month trip she decided to set up this site so she could dedicate more time to helping backpackers travel to and around India.

Not only this but India has a bit of a bad reputation to backpack around and Ellie want’s to change this. She arrived in India nervous of what the following months would bring but she experienced none of what she had heard in past stories. To her, India was no harder to travel around than other places in the world!

Following her own experience travelling India and after speaking to fellow travellers it became apparent to her that you need to be prepared for India and have the right mindset to really get the most out of this incredible Country. This is what Ellie thinks helped her and what she wants to help you with so you have the best time in India as possible and leave wanting to come back to see more, because India has enough to offer visitors returning for a lifetime!

How You Can Be Part of the Team.

However, Ellie cannot travel, run her blog, her youtube channel and run this website alone. She wants this space on the internet to be a community space and is accepting guest posts from fellow travellers who have been to India. The site is still in it’s early stages so in terms of giving back to the community, she only has the site information to give, but as it grows Ellie has big plans on how she can give back to the community who help build this website for backpackers to India and give back to India itself.

If you would like to write a guest post for India By Backpack please email with the subject ‘Guest Post’ and a short description of what you would like to write about- remember that the audience is backpackers to India who have probably never visited before so you’ll need all the helpful details, and she will get back to you asap to discuss your idea.

How You Can Support India By Backpack.

If you would like to support India By Backpack you can start by sharing this site with anyone you know that is coming or thinking about coming to India.

If you would like to support in monetary value to help keep this site going you can do that in two ways. One – By donating a one off payment to our PayPal account Two- Become a valued Patreon by visiting our Patreon site here.

Thank you.

Thank you for reading and supporting this site. If you want regular India Inspiration be sure to follow us on Instagram here, and if you’d like to be part of the community even more join our closed Facebook Group here or type ‘India By Backpack’ into Facebook. This is a group where new travellers to India can ask questions and those that have visited before will provide their helpful advice!

India By Backpack


Welcome to India By Backpack!

Thank you for visiting India By Backpack. A website designed to help Backpackers and Travellers to India.

On here you’ll find real, honest and helpful travel advice for India so you can plan the best trip and have the best time in India.

Please Note: This is currently a very new website and more content will be added during 2019.

To find out more about India By Backpack and how you can contribute your experience to this site, head over to the About Us page.